Polüuretaan-tsementpõrandad toiduainetetööstusesse, rõdudele ja terrassidele.

HYPERCRETE HDF  (alternatiiv: Hygrosmart-PU-cement-3K) is a three component self-leveling material, based on polyurethane resins and non-organic fillers. The product is solvent free.
HYPERCRETE HDF is designed for industrial floors and protection coverings in the field of the food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, healthcare area, electronics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, etc.

HYPERCRETE HDF is recommended for conditions requiring the maximum mechanical, physical and chemical resistance. For anti-static, non-sparking, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, non-dust and decorative coatings. For waterproofing and protection of terraces, roofs and balconies.

HYPERCRETE HDF is a non-toxic product in case of contact with food products and drinking water.
Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Exellent adhesion to all construction materials.
Sound, monolithic, wear resistance coating.
Resistent to wide range of temperature, non-combustible.
Warm water resistance (60 C – 90 C).
Exellent biological and chemical resistance.
Application at low temperature (5 C).
Can be applied to humid base.
Solvent free.
Can be applied in areas with no good ventilation.
Nontoxic, hygienic material.
Does not change taste of the food.
Negative hydrostatical resistance.

CONSUMPTION : Thickness 4 mm –  Approx 8 kg/m2

Pildiotsingu HYPERCRETE HDF tulemusPildiotsingu HYPERCRETE HDF tulemus

Materjalide hinnatase ca 60 €/m2 (4 mm)

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